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10 Tips For Sharpening Your Writing Tools

The following tips have been gleaned from professionals and the following books. “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg. “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott. On Writing Well by William Zinser. “On Writing” by Stephen King. “Painless Writing” by Jeffrey Strausser. “Painless Writing” is filled with exercises and easy to pick up tips.    Develop […]

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Raise The Bar

It’s taken years of education, experimenting, networking and just plain getting out there to bring me to where I am today as an author and free-lance writer. But I’m not satisfied with the level of success I’ve achieved. I want more. Do you? Are you willing to raise the bar on your expectations in order to get […]

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Twitter, Facebook and Hootsuite?

If you’re from my over 60 generation you know how “twitterpated” all this social media can make you. I attended the BC Association of Travel Writers symposium in Vancouver, followed by the Travel and Words conference in Port Townsend for tow days. What started with Owen Clark, founder of ByzHub.com showing us the advantages of […]

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Get Started Travel Writing

Get Started Travel Writing Have you ever dreamed of travelling on someone else’s dime and writing articles that actually pay? We all start out small, maybe writing for free until we build up our portfolio but we must  get to the point when we know our writing has to have a monetary value.  This  interview in the newsletter gives us […]

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YES You Can Make Money Writing!

Besides publishing books my goal was to get paid for writing magazine articles. But first I did my time. I wrote for local papers for free to get exposed and used to the tighter style of writing and meeting a deadline. The first time I was published in Our Canada, a national glossy magazine, even […]

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Published Articles by Barb

Archived and current articles published in magazines are available at: Snowbirds & RV Travel A series about our 2009 northern trip started June/July 2009 and continued for the  following months: Aug/Sept/09, Oct/Nov/09, Dec/Jan/10, and Feb/Mar/10. Click on the month and “turn the pages” until you arrive at the article. Stay tuned for April/May/10 issue. RV Times […]

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RV Canada With Boo the Menopausal Van:Sample Chapter

Just one of 21 chapters about our adventures while crossing Canada in a cranky van called “Boo the Menopausal Van.” The last three chapters are valuable resources for travellers. Chapter 5: Ontario (ON) Water, Water Everywhere Welcome to the biggest province on our trek and the one with the biggest heart! Even with gas funds […]

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Toastmasters Improves Authors

You are the leader you’re looking for. Billy Jean King I’ve been a member of Sunshine Speakers Toastmasters for almost eight years. It has changed my life in so many ways: increased confidence, better communication and leadership skills, and given me the courage to believe in myself so I can make my dreams come true. […]

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Is Self-Publishing For You?

Have you dreamed of seeing your writing in book form?Does it seem so very far away? We’ve moved past the old stigma that said the only way to be a “real” author was to send out your manuscript endlessly until someone somewhere decided you were good enough to publish. Those days are gone as we’ve […]

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