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Glamping, An RVers Version of Camping

Glamping? That would be camping in an RV, thus the glamorous and camping aspect all covered. Tenter’s sometimes mock us when we say we are going camping in our warm, dry motor-home.  I’ve done my tent time with sand in the sleeping bag  and a rock under it. I’ve shivered in the cold morning air, getting the fire […]

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Ten Things NOT to do When RVing

Thanks to Mark Polk for sharing this list.  Ten things you NEVER do with your RV. Some of these are just plain old common sense, some you learn the hard way and some… well; you just don’t do it with an RV! 10) While traveling on the interstate in your RV floor it to see […]

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RV’ing With Your New Puppy

RVing With Your New Puppy Summer is finally here, and with summer comes sunshine, warm air and the open road. For many people, summer is all about RVing and the adventures ahead. For RV enthusiasts that may have picked up a new puppy since their last trip, it is not uncommon to feel anxiety towards […]

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RV Tips and Preparation

RV Tips and Preparation …1-3 months ahead Vehicle: • Checked over and tune up done. Brakes and tires checked, correct pressure and replaced if necessary. •  Carry spare tire and spare tire for RV. “Tire in a can” for emergency repairs. •  Roll of heater hose and clamps, oils, fuses, electrical tape, duct tape, tools, voltage […]

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